All About Voting
Frequently asked qustions
All of us know that voting procedures can get a little complicated at times. So, I've answered any question you may have and also sorted them by topic! This is as simple as it gets.
  What is a voter ID card? Who is eligible to have a voter ID card?
  Is a voter ID card essential for voting?
  Does the possession of voter ID card entitle me for voting?
  Do I need to register separately to get a voter ID card? How is it different from voter registration?
  How do I register to get a voter ID card? How does the process work?
  What is Form 001? How do I fill it?
  Should I pay for a voter ID card?
  Who issues the voter ID card?
  What should I do if I lose my voter ID card?
  My voter ID card has been lost / destroyed/ mutilated. What should I do to get a replacement? Which form should I fill?
  If I shift my address, do I need to get a new voter ID card?
  Details on my voter ID card are wrong / Details related to my voter ID card in the electoral roll are wrong. How do I get it corrected?